Why Does Your Website Need A Good UI?

Why Does Your Website Need A Good UI?

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Why Does Your Website Need A Good UI?

The world is transforming fast, and importance of the digital appearance is gaining more power than ever. With this digital transformation, businesses and life, in general, have become dependent on the internet.

As a result, companies have found that the best way to compete at a web level is to prioritize building an attractive and efficient user interface that optimizes the user experience. 

Why does your website need a good UI?

Think of what connects people to your brand as a company and how people reach you in this digital world?

Yes, the best way to connect with your clients is through your website. How effective your website and how you can interact with people is depending on how you designed it. With a good user interface, you have more chances to get interaction as it affects how people learn about your services and gain trust in your brand.

Now, remember your last visited website that you liked. And, think about why you like it. It is unlikely that you are thinking of amazing images or great animations. No, we do not think so. It is more likely that you remember the website because you have done something easily and effectively. And you learned about what the website/brand offers you without giving too much effort. That is the power of the user interface or UI design for short. 

UI design is important because it manages the interaction between a user and your website, therefore your product and service.

A good UI design makes it easy for a user to go through your website, learn about your product or services and complete the tasks they want to achieve.

To have a perfect website you must also know the basic principles and mistakes that can be done when designing a website. To learn more about the common mistakes and basic rules of a website check our recent article from here.

In this article, we focus on what is user interface design and why your website needs to have a good UI design.

What is a user interface?

The user interface is the point at which users interact with a computer, website, or application. The goal of effective UI is to make the user’s experience easy and intuitive, to receive maximum outcome with minimum effort.

Why is a user interface important?

The user interface is important to meet user expectations and support the effective functioning of your site. A well-executed UI creates effective interaction between the user and your app, website, or program.

When designing a UI for your site, it’s important to consider the user’s expectations and behaviors.

In the end, people will leave your site if they are not attracted by the interface or feel uncomfortable using it. A good user interface will make them feel safe and comfortable while they discover your site and learning about your product or service.

Now, we know the basic explanations and importance of a UI design. And we can go a little beyond the basics and see what makes a good UI design for your website.

Even though every website is different and it must be considered according to their target and their expectations, there are certain rules of having a good UI design.

Let’s go through them to get a better understanding.

  • A good UI design is consistent throughout your website.

Consistency is one of the most important elements in a good UI design. 

When a user goes through your website it is important to make them feel they are still on the same site. That means to develop a good UI design and a website, you must first develop your brand guideline with your brand texts, colors, and style. With the help of your brand guideline, you can develop a website that feels the same on every page. For example, you can use your brand colors in your web design and create consistency. That also helps users to act easier and discover more about you.

Using too many different colors, fonts, and styles on your website will cause a user to leave your page without any action.

However, consistency does not mean having the same buttons, colors, fonts everywhere. It is more a feeling than a look. For example, you may use different brand colors while designing your buttons. You would never want both your ”cancel” and ”submit” buttons to be the same.

To sum up, while having consistency on your website with the help of your brand guideline, consider the user expectations and behaviors and always put yourself in their shoes.

  • Do not make users work too hard.

People intent to leave instead of giving too much effort to learn about your product and services or discover you more. The best UI websites make complex tasks and process easy for their users by simplifying the steps and pieces of information. To have a good UI design you must make your text easier to read, navigate users through your site and help them to learn about you by assisting them with your design.

So, how do you help your users and make your website easy for them?

You can start with arranging your element on your website. For example, larger buttons, links, and texts will attract more, thus serve as an indicator that they are more important. Or, when you design your website you can guide your users with your hierarchy and help them to discover your brand in a way that would be easier for them to understand you better. 

You do not want a user to get lost in your site and wonder about a link or button’s functionality.

Besides, too many texts will make you lose them. Website visitors are more likely to have short attention, and it makes them harder to get their attention. To have their interest, having balanced images and texts will help you as it will make them scan through and easily identify the parts they need to find. 

  • Make it simple and do not control your user

A great UI design makes it easy for a user to discover and navigate through the website. You should understand your users’ expectations and do not force them to learn complex steps by creating a complicated UI. 

There are many ways to make it simple and make them feel they are in control of the website. 

Let’s see some of the key points:

-Create clear navigation and make it easy to find on your site.

You do not want your user to try finding the navigation.

-Provide feedback and make them know what they are doing and why. For example, if a user enters an invalid email address while registering, do not let him/her discover the issue and inform.

-Make it easy to backtrack and go back to the previous page. This will encourage users to explore more and stay longer on your site.

-Provide error information with a link for them to be able to proceed further.

-Do not use complicated artworks and animations that confuse users.

-Keep your site simple and clear.

We have mentioned some of the ways that create a good UI design and user experience in the end. Having a good UI will always improve your brand and website traffic besides will help you be connected with your users as they will have a better experience and feel more comfortable on your site.

Keeping these pieces of information in mind while designing your website will definitely help you have a better UI and website experience for your user. Besides, the best advice we can give is that you must first put yourself in your users’ shoes and experience your website to understand how it feels to explore, feel comfortable, or uncomfortable.

To learn more about UI design and why it is important for your brand. Or let us help you to create a great UI website, do not hesitate to reach us!

As Vakana team we are here to help and grow your business!

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