Top Mistakes Your Website Might Be Having

Top Mistakes Your Website Might Be Having


Top Mistakes Your Website Might Be Having

The world is transforming, and the importance of digital appearance is growing day by day. People spend more time on the internet and visits websites before they visit your office or shop.

Having a poor site causes businesses to lose their potential customers and money. Many businesses design their websites to save money and have more control over the project. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not understand the principles and the concepts of good web design. That causes them to lose money and clients instead of saving money.

Websites play a huge role for businesses. It is meant to give an experience to the viewers, provide necessary pieces of information, navigate and guide them through the websites, and encourage them to contact you.

A poorly designed website causes viewers to have the wrong idea about your businesses and makes them leave without getting in touch or buying your products/services.

There are spoken and unspoken rules of having good-performing websites. Often, people don’t follow these rules or make mistakes while designing their websites, and eventually, they lose clients and money.

If you would like to have a successful business and a good-performing website, keep reading and learn the tips and mistakes that are done in general. 

1- Too Much Going On 

People face too many messages and pieces of information every day. Keeping your website as simple as possible will help the viewers to give attention and learn about your business. Having a too crowded website is never a good thing. Having tons of images, text, etc. not only will take a while to load but also confuse your visitors. To have success, avoid busy design and keep it simple.

2- Too Little Going On

Having a simple, clean, and minimalist website is trending nowadays. As it is trending, it is obvious that it is working well! However, while having simple, minimalist websites, people often fall into a mistake.

Relying too much on a simple design with no clear direction will make your visitors lose their attention and have insufficient information about your business.

3- Poor Call To Action

Your CTA is the gateway to your business. It encourages your visitors to take action and contact you. Contact Us! Learn More! Get a Coupon! Click Here! Read More!, etc. 

You should provide enough information that visitors know what they will get from taking action, and CTA must tell visitors what they need to do. As in general, keep CTA simple, and clean. Try not to confuse them with too much information. 

4- Mobile & Tablet Responsive Design

People use mobiles and tablets more than ever. Most of your visitors will visit your website from a mobile device. It is important that your visitors can access your website from any device they use. As a business owner, you have to consider this fact and design your website responsive to make it accessible to everyone regardless of their device. Besides, Google recommends responsive design, and it will also boost your SEO and makes a difference in Google’s search.

To have better google search results, not missing any viewers, and have a more professional looking keep this information in mind when you design your website.

5- Low Quality & Irrelevant Images

Pictures and graphics are a big part of your website. Images can get attention and provide information quicker than a bunch of text. However, many businesses use low-quality designs and irrelevant images on their websites which turn off visitors. Irrelevant images will only confuse your visitors. You must keep your images, and designs relevant to what you are doing and helps visitors to know more about your business instead of confusing them and causing them to leave your site. 

6- No Favicon

Think about yourself how many tabs you use while you are browsing? Many people prefer to use multiple tabs, while browsing and favicons make it easy to find your site and make it accessible for users.

It might seem small, but an effective way to keep your visitors on your page also makes it more professional compared to the other sites they visit.

7- Unclear Font use & Color Chose

Ask this question to yourself. Would you give an effort to read? 

Some fonts can be difficult to read. And People intend to leave the page instead of trying to read. Make sure, you have a clear font on your website to keep people staying on your site and learn more about you. 

Besides using unclear fonts, people fall into another mistake which is using too many different fonts. It is important to keep the consistency on your site, and using different fonts will damage it.

With the use of proper fonts, color choice makes a big impact on your business. Many businesses have their brand colors, and using the brand colors on your website will establish a connection between your brand and your website. However, the way the colors need to be used has an unspoken rule as well. 

It is recommended to keep it simple and use one main color with complementary colors. Having a too colorful website will make your visitors lose their attention and eventually leave your page. 

8- No contact Info

Unfortunately, this is another common mistake. Your website is where you welcome your visitors in the first place. However, most businesses need people to contact them to sell their services or products. 

You must be a click away from your visitors. It is compulsory they access your contact information the moment they decide to purchase your products or services. Make sure, they do not need to search your contact details through your page if you do not wish to lose them. Your ”Contact US” page should always be a click away. Also, having an easy chat button makes it encouraging. However, keep in mind that if you will not be able to answer in a short time, it may damage your reputation as well. 


These are not all the rules and mistakes that exist, but it is a great starting point to see if your website is designed well and having mistakes you should be aware of.

When designing your website, put yourself in your clients/visitors’ shoes and imagine what you would expect to see.

To avoid these mistakes and pay attention to the rules will definitely help you grow your business and have more traffic eventually. However, if you are looking for a professional, well-performing website or make sure your website stands clear away from these mistakes we are here to help!

Feel free to contact us for a free examination of your website and see if your website is designed correctly.

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