MetalEs EN

MetalEs Eskişehir BRAND IDENTITY CREATION & WEB DEVELOPMENT MetalEs, with its dynamic, young, experienced and innovative staff provides support to corporate companies in Eskişehir in many areas such as machinery manufacturing, installation, project consultancy, air conditioning systems, and offers the most suitable solutions for the needs of its customers. In the new structuring process, we […]

Hikmet Restaurant EN

Hikmet Restaurant İstanbul VISUAL IDENTITY CREATION Hikmet Take Away Restaurant is a butcher and restaurant. They serve grilled meat and different types of meat to their customers. The restaurant is located in İstanbul. You can sit and enjoy your food in their place or order at your home. They do deliver their delicious foods to […]

KTY Marin EN

KTY Marin İzmir VISUAL IDENTITY CREATION KTY Marin, which manufactures yachts and boats in Izmir, increases the variety of quality products delivered to its customers by rapidly increasing its production capacity. We worked on a brand symbol and logo for KTY Marin, which reflects the products they produce, is compatible with the industry and provides […]

Başkale Anadolu EN

Başkale Anadolu Van VISUAL IDENTITY CREATION Başkale Anadolu Highschool has just started their journey in the city of Van. In this journey, they needed a logo/symbol which represents their town and the history of the area. We have created the symbol and brand guidelines for them to be able to exist and represent their school […]

Ayyıldız Enerji EN

Ayyıldız Enerji Zonguldak BRAND IDENTITY CREATION & WEB DEVELOPMENT AYYILDIZ Medikal Enerji Güç Sistemleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. provides not only generators, medical machines, etc. But also gives services and technical solutions for their clients for over 10 years in the sector. We have worked on their re-branding; created the brand book including the brand […]

Kırmızı Beyaz EN

Kırmızı Beyaz Zonguldak BRAND IDENTITY CREATION & WEB DEVELOPMENT Kırmızı Beyaz Mobilya is a Furniture Company that designs, produces, and installs items for its clients. We have worked on their re-branding; created the brand book including the brand logo, font, color, and language style.As they have potential partners in the digital world we have also worked […]

Utku Konağı EN

Utku Konağı Bartın WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Utku Konağı is a hotel in the center of Bartın, which draws attention with its architectural structure unique to the city and offers accommodation services with specially prepared rooms for its guests. Located close to the city center, this modest hotel offers an ideal accommodation option for those […]

Utku Konağı TR

Utku Konağı Bartın WEB TASARIM & GELİŞTİRME Bartın Merkezinde, Bartın’a özgü mimari yapısı ile dikkat çeken ve misafirlerine özel hazırlanmış odaları ile konaklama hizmeti sunan bir oteldir. Şehir merkezine yakın mesafede yer alan bu mütevazi otel, Bartın’a gelenler için ideal bir konaklama seçeneği sunar. Otel, şehrin tarihi dokusuna uygun olarak inşa edilmiş ve geleneksel Bartın […]

Yurtbay Yapı EN

Yurtbay Yapı Zonguldak BRAND IDENTITY CREATION & WEB DEVELOPMENT Yurtbay Yapı was established in 1978 in Zonguldak Province, Çaycuma District, to operate in the construction building materials sector. Since the day it was founded, they prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering quality and reliable products to their customers and help them create a place they dream […]